Green Parakeets for Sale Online

Green Parakeets for Sale Online. Green Parakeets Parakeets are by far the most popular bird companion! Their gregarious nature, bright colors, and propensity for fun make them a great companion for the whole family! Parakeets will bond closely with their pet parents if the time is taken to hand tame them.

Taking Care of Budgies Parrots

If you prefer a pet that will remain in its habitat with little human interaction, it is best to get 2 parakeets, as they are very social. Parakeets can be taught to talk and mimic sounds. They love to play with toys and provide hours of entertainment! They require a habitat that is at least 18″ x 18″. Parakeets love to chatter– won’t you let them fill you in on all the fun they have in store for you?

Diet And Feeding of Parakeets

Parakeets are small, social, and intelligent birds. eating a variety of seeds, plants, fruits, and vegetables. Parakeets are known to live approximately 20 years in captivity. Make sure to always clean the house of your birds and provide them with clean and fresh water for good health.

Parakeets will bond closely with their pet parents if the time is taken to hand tame them.

A male parakeet has a bluish area around his nostrils, while a female has a white/ brown area.

Also known as a “budgie.”

Parakeets are talkers, but their little voices are sometimes hard to hear.

Where To Buy Parakeets In 2o22

Buy your green parakeets from All our parrots are hand raised and well trained by our pet specialists. This little parrots have master so many tricks and they sing all day long. The parrot comes with a one year health guarantee, manual guide to help you understand everything about the parrot. Including diet plan to keep them healthy and toys to play with .


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