Digital circulated air incubator for sale. Digital display shows temperature, humidity, and days to hatch. This original air incubator circulates air within the device and provide the natural conditions for 100% effective eggs hatching .


  • E-Z Fill Water Channels let you add water without removing the lid
  • IncutekTM heater heats to factory pre-set of 100° F within minutes
  • Days to hatch countdown is set at 21 days. Adjustable for a variety of eggs
  • Hi/Lo temp notification light flashes when outside of range(<97° F or >103° F)
  • Integrated fan pulls in and circulates fresh air to stabilize temperature and improve hatch
  • Large picture window provides 360° unobstructed view inside incubator. Great for educational observation
  • Deep bottom tray to accommodate even large duck & goose eggs
  • Eco-Friendly – made with recycled and insulating polystyrene foam


Your unit has a built in LCD display panel to display the internal temperature, the humidity
percentage, and count down the days to hatch. The temperature is pre-set to 100F from the
factory. The red indicator light will turn on and off frequently which is normal to control the
desired temperature for your egg species. We suggest running the incubator for 6 to 8 hours
prior to putting eggs in to confirm a steady, maintained temperature before starting your
project. The unit will read in the LCD display TEMP OK when the unit temperature is
between 98F and 102F. To adjust the “Days to Hatch” countdown, hold the MODE button
till temp flashes. Press MODE button again till “Day” flashes. Adjust up or down
accordingly. This feature will count down the days to hatch. It will flash when it reaches 0.


Function of the incubator is to bring the room temperature up to the desired
hatching temperature
Ideal operating temperature is 99 – 100F.
Ideal humidity during incubation is 55-60%, increasing to 65% during hatching
Location of the incubator is crucial to a successful hatch
Still Air incubator is ideal in room temperatures between 65F – 72F
Use optional Circulating Air Fan Kit in room temperatures between 60F – 80F
Need plenty of fresh air and a stable room temperature; basement is perfect
Recommend putting paper underneath the incubator in case of water over-flow
Always sanitize the unit both before and after hatch using anti-bacteria soap.
Keep your hands fully sanitized when touching/turning the eggs
Eggs capacity will affect the ventilation in the incubator; needs more oxygen
After hatching remove both red ventilation plugs to help dry chicks
Eggs should be placed on the metal screen laying on their side with small end
slightly down. Do not crowd the eggs.
Do not open the incubator the first day after the eggs have been set in place
Eggs should be turned at least two to three times a day at the same time
Stop turning the eggs 3 days before incubation as the chicks are in position for
Mark the eggs with an “x” and “o” on opposite ends with a pencil to make sure
you have properly turned the eggs. Letter should face up once turned over.
Use Egg Candler (Model 3300) to monitor development


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